Looking for developer (and potential technical co-founder)

Our team is looking for a developer (full stack or back-end) to join our early-stage startup. We’re initially looking for someone to work with, but would ultimately like a technical co-founder if we’re a culture-fit.

We’ve been interviewing/talking to talented people, but it’s really important that we meet someone that has their heart and mind in the right place. We want teammates with big dreams.

Our startup is focused in the mobile/social/payment space. We currently have a working prototype of our product MVP and an initial back/front-end already developed. We’re not in the process of installing with our first customers.

We’re now looking for someone to help grow and support our back-end (and help with some front-end if capable).  If we work well together and are a culture-fit, we’d love to share a co-founding position.

We’re currently located in Los Angeles and would ideally love to work with someone nearby.

If there’s any questions or interest, please let us know by leaving a comment or sending an email to seth[@]buzzed.io.

8 Secrets to Success From the Perspective of Will Smith

You may think of Will Smith as an alien-fighting man in black or bad boy from Bel-Air, but after watching this mash-up you may want to think of him as inspirational.


This video mash-up of Will Smith interviews showcase his insights on success and philosophical views for becoming great.

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NodeBeat: Generative Music Application for iOS and Desktop

It’s been a while since I posted and my guilty conscious is saying “now’s the perfect time”.

The past few weeks, I’ve been working on my first iOS application called NodeBeat.

NodeBeat is a collaboration between myself and Justin Windle. It’s an experimental node-based audio sequencer and generative music application for the iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and TUIO devices. Continue reading “NodeBeat: Generative Music Application for iOS and Desktop”

Second Story – Lead Interactive Developer Position


Since 1994, Second Story has conceptualized, designed, and developed interactive media experiences in diverse formats that enchant, inform, and entertain—pioneering ever more effective ways to inspire wonder and connect audiences to ideas and information.

Second Story is looking for a visionary thinker with an inquisitive mind, who is keen to learn new technologies and accomplished at expressing creativity through Actionscript and the Flash platform and wants to embrace the opportunities emerging platforms like HTML5, OpenFrameworks / Cinder provide. Continue reading “Second Story – Lead Interactive Developer Position”

How to Make A Youtube Instrument

A Youtube Instrument is an interactive instrument that can be played using only the video features of Youtube. If you’ve heard of the MysteryGuitarMan on youtube, you’ve probably seen his various youtube instruments. In this tutorial, we’ll learn how to make our own interactive youtube instruments utilizing the features of youtube.

What We’re Making


Click the image above to see the results

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Supertouch is looking for new hires! This may be the job for you!!

Supertouch/Interference Inc. is looking for new hires that are involved in the interactive technology domain. I’ve been working with Interference for more than a year now and it’s been great. This may be the job for you! You can find the information below.

Company: Interference Inc.
Positions: We are looking for a PROGRAMMER and an INTERACTIVE ENGINEER
Position Type: Full-Time

Candidates who have worked/have familiarity with multi-touch platforms previously and are eager to explore and learn more in a fast paced marketing/technology environment creating installations for major
global brands.

The position for the first 3 months is a probation period where the person is hired as an independent contractor and paid 1099. Depending on review and evaluation, the candidate is then hired full-time with
benefits: full medical, 401K, and 2 weeks of vacation.

Location: New York, NY
Start Date:

Interference Inc. is a world-renowned experiential marketing agency specializing in integrated, guerrilla and buzz marketing. Out of Interference, The SuperTouch Group was born in 2009, bringing creative technology offerings to the same impressive roster of clients. The SuperTouch mission is to generate wonder through simple, fun, entertaining and educational uses of interactive technology. We create innovative products for people to interact with technology in unique and compelling ways, and ideally away from the platforms that they are used to. SuperTouch develops Interactive Mirrors, touch surfaces, live gaming and creative custom technology builds as well as the back-end programming.

The Programmer and Interactive Engineer will report directly to the project’s Lead Engineer and to the Head of Production/Account. Qualified candidates should possess a couple of key skills itemized in the lists below.

PROGRAMMING SKILLS (Please specify where you are proficient)

• Proficiency with Flash/Flex/Actionscript 3, .NET/C#/WPF, Python, Java, C++ (or others, please specify)
• Knowledge of Computer Vision (OpenCV, Augmented Reality Frameworks)
• Knowledge of microcontrollers (arduino or similar) and working with sensors
• Proficiency with openFrameworks, processing, max/msp, or pd
• Knowledge of Adobe Creative Suite including, InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator and After Effects
• Knowledge of computer networking

ENGINEERING SKILLS (Please specify where you are proficient)

• Experience in architecture, hardware design, and/or fabrication
• Ability to source, test and assess hardware for fabrication and to assemble working prototypes
• Experience in soldering, electronics, and lab testing
• Experience in interactive or touch technology with an emphasis in multi-touch computing


• Extremely organized individual who is a self-starter and able to learn quickly in a fast-paced environment
• Ability to think creatively, multi-task, and go beyond off-the-shelf solutions
• Strong logistical, time management and planning skills when implementing creative solutions for client deadlines
• The individual must be polished and professional and be prepared to interact with high level clientele onsite

Please note, the Interactive Engineer position may require travel to install, maintain, and breakdown
technologies across the U.S. as well as internationally. Candidates applying for the position must be able to
travel with the necessary documentation, willing to travel 1-2 times per month, and maintain a valid driver’s

IF INTERESTED, PLEASE SUBMIT RESUMES TO: Christine Lane, Christine@interferenceinc.com

You can download and save the job description below:

[Download not found]

Book Review: Talent Is Overrated

TalentIsOverratedaltWhat Really Separates World-Class Performers from Everybody Else?

That’s what Geoff Colvin in Talent is Overrated aims to answer through research studies of the most successful people through history. I covered a small fraction of the book in You’re not talented and why it doesn’t matter.

The conclusion is exceptional performance is acquired through years of deliberate practice, timing and being surrounded by the right people – not talent. Continue reading “Book Review: Talent Is Overrated”

The Importance of Teaching Music

A few years ago, I came across this great write-up on the importance of music education. I recently re-discovered it buried in my archives and thought I’d post it for others to enjoy.

With music and art programs being cut from schools all over the United States, I think this is a great reminder that music is more than a fun hobby or emotional outlet.

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How to Combine and Display Your Facebook, Twitter, and Comment Counts

Combining your blog’s comment count with social sharing counts such as facebook and twitter can give a better indication to your readers how people truly react to your posts.

While some posts may get few comments, they may get hundreds or thousands of retweets, facebook shares, or bookmarks. Showing the true spread of your writing can inspire people to share and comment more frequently. You could use the big, bulky buttons to display individual facebook and twitter counts, but we’re going to take a look at combining the total numbers of comment, facebook, and twitter counts into one display. Continue reading “How to Combine and Display Your Facebook, Twitter, and Comment Counts”