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AudioTouch is an interactive multi-touch interface for computer music exploration and collaboration. The interface features audio based applications that make use of multiple users and simultaneous touch inputs on a single multi-touch screen. A natural user interface where users can interact through gestures and movements, while directly manipulating musical objects, is a key aspect of the design; the goal is to be able to interact with the technology (specifically music based) in a natural way. Users can load, exit, and move musical applications using gestures as well as have a multiple applications operate within the same work environment. The design is built into a table that hides all the hardware necessary for tracking multiple inputs as well as displaying visual feedback on the touch surface.

video of the applications on my multitouch table


Currently, the AudioTouch OS consists of four main musical applications. MultiKey, the first application, is similar to a typical musical keyboard or piano. The application includes two polyphonic musical keyboards, one being a full octave, and the other being two octaves. Users can resize, zoom, and rotate a keyboard by using a two finger gesture.

Musical Squares

The second application, MusicalSquares, consists of color coded squares that bounce around within a bounding box. As the squares come in contact with each other, they collide, play a musical note (based on their color), and then bounce off each other in opposite directions. A user can press on a square and make a throwing gesture which causes the square to be thrown in the motioned direction.

Audioshape Seuqencer

Audioshape sequencer, is a third applications that allows users to create musical loops. Squares can be moved around and connected. When the play button is pressed on a square it plays through the connected squares in sequence.

Musical Wall Pong

Lastly, Musical Wong, is a multitouch game similar to pong/hockey. When the ball hits the walls, different sounds are played.

For information about the process of building the table and software, please check out the MTmini , my multitouch progress, and software sections of this site.

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  • cerupcat

    Hi Nick!

    No I haven’t tried using words or numbers, but that would be a good addition. Yeah, please pass on my work to your friend and let me know how it goes.


  • zpoc96

    Do you think You could get me a download of the whole suite

  • zerosignal

    Your table looks awesome, what did you use to finish the wood? Is it some sort of lacquer or paint?

    Keep up the good work!

  • cerupcat

    zerosignal: I used a black paint that I rolled on and a few gloss spray clear goats. I think it would of been better if I sprayed the paint on also.

  • Lennart

    Hi, I live in The Netherlands, and for me it’s difficult to make because the products for making a MTmini or a Audio Touch table. So I ask if you could contact me with the mail so maybe we can talk and buy.

  • brandon

    i was just wondering sort of how you made audio touch. i really want to make a nui os of my own. im not asking for source code or anything just wanting to know where you began, what languages you used, and what did you need to know to make it… that is without telling me whats in it. does that make sense? well im a bit tired after making a multi touch of my own. i want it running an operating system of my own… ones that made for multitouch not windows. it would be so rewarding for my code to be the only code running in the machine. any suggestions, your just as much a leader as han in the nui regard. thanks

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  • Timominous

    Hey, post the documentation to the group when your done, OK? It would be a great to us.

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  • Looks like an awesome product.. Will you be at winter namm.. I’m starting to look at technological products for my site and would like to check this out in person. Thanks for the article either way.

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  • JDENredden

    Can I download this OS from anywhere?


    • This looks like what he’s using http://sparkon.net/project/multi-touch-os