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We have liftoff! New domain and theme!

I took the plunge. I finally bought my own domain name (sethsandler.com).  It was time; with a decent amount of traffic on my wordpress.com site, I really needed the ability to customize the site and make best use of the wordpress platform.


So, goodbye wordpress.com and hello wordpress.org. The customizability of having my domain makes theming and widgets much more fun! Best of all, I have my old blog ssandler.wordpress.com redirecting to this new one so I hopefully won’t loose all my pingbacks and permalinks etc.

Let me know what you think of the new blog, it’s style or possible lack-thereof. It’s still in the works and not all the pages/information is up or up-to-date yet. Make sure to update any links that go to my old blog (ssandler.wordpress.com) as this will now be my primary domain.

So, whadayathink? Give this a comment or rating 😉

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  • It looks good!

  • Hi Seth,

    Good idea, its nice having control of your own domain in the long run. Like your design, simple, elegant with focus on content.

  • Looks great Seth!

  • Thanks guys, I really appreciate it.

  • behem0t

    Nice work Seth. Keep on 🙂

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