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Community Core Vision (CCV) – Flash Application Setup

For testing and fun, several demo and complete applications can be downloaded in flash (swf) format. The following guide shows how to run the applications using your touch surface and Community Core Vision.


  • Flash Player Projector – This is a flash player that runs outside of your browser
  • FLOSC (CCV 1.1 and below only)
  • Java 6+ is required for running FLOSC (CCV 1.1 and below only)

Flash Demo Application Setup

1. Download some flash demos. You can find the nuigroup (MTmini video) flash example clients here and some of my own applications here.

  • If you’re using CCV 1.2+, skip to step 4.
  • If you use an older version of CCV,version 1.1 or below, and don’t have the Send to Flash communication mode option, keep reading or download the latest version.

2. Double-click the Launch FLOSC Gateway. Mac and Linux users, open the file using the terminal.


3. Windows users, make sure to click Start once FLOSC launches. On all platforms, the command line (terminal) should display created.


4. In order to run demo swf files, security settings first need to be set. Go to Flash Global Security Settings. Click on Edit Locations. and then Add Location.


5. In the Trust this location box, put in the absolute path or browse to the folder where the demo swf files are located. Click Confirm and you’re done. Any future swf files added to the demo folder will automatically have permissions set.


6. Launch a flash swf application by opening the file using the Flash Player Projector.

7. Send tracking information from CCV to flash by:

  • (CCV 1.1 or below), turn on Send TUIO in CCV
  • (CCV 1.2+), turn on Flash XML in CCV

8. Put your fingers on the touch surface to see if input is being received. If it is not, make sure to review the above steps and check that CCV is properly configured. If input is received, but not in the correct location, make sure to perform calibration.

Note: If you’re getting a black screen when running a flash application, use flash player 9 instead of flash player 10 here: http://kb2.adobe.com/cps/142/tn_14266.html

attributed source: nuigroup.com

Community Core Vision Configuration Guide

Community Core Vision Calibration Guide

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  • Joey Higuera

    I can’t seem to find the global security page. I feel like an idiot haha. Help me out? Here’s what I’m looking at.

  • Ole

    there is a communication error between flash player and ccv 🙁
    i tried step 8

  • Rpohl1

    How do i get to the tracking software

  • Saim mody

    is this software used for downloading multi touch pad

  • Cronnos7

    Hello, I’m using version 1.3 of the CCV and a logitech quickcam messenger, but I can not do a good calibration, it is very unstable in applications, a camera that will best solve thisproblem? Sorry my English is that I used the translator to tell me because I am Brazilian andmy English is not up to date.

  • Bruno Miranda

    Hello, I’m trying to use the version 1.3 of CCV,  but the flash demos simply don’t react. I’ve followed all the steps 10 times and I still have no clue of what is happening.

    I still don’t have a setup, so I’m trying to make CCV communicate with flash only using the video demos, does it work?

    Can I use the TUIO simulator with flash?

    What exactly are the ports that the flash demos use?

    • I would recommend posting on http://nuigroup.com/forum since the newest CCV may have broken some things and CCV is updated by nuigroup.

    • Bruno Miranda

      Apparently it is a problem with 1.3, I just downloaded 1.2 and it’s working fine.

      I’ll use 1.2 for now, but will post about that on the forums, thanks for the help, really. 😀

  • Hello, Im trying to set up CCV 1.4 to export useing Flash XML. I have made sure to follow all of the steps many times over and I have been stuck here for a few weeks now. I am able to open the flash application, and with my mouse create the lets say fire effect. But even with CCV running and exporting in the background the computer wont recognize the input. IM doing this on windows 8 at the moment. 
    if anyone has any ideas they would be much appreciated!

  • Sratej

    how choose options sir to use ccv 1.2

  • Daniel

    Can you please tell me what to do with mouse driver and how to change camera resolution…

  • Sratej

    hi seth thanking you for your previous reply.
    after running multi touch console driver the red mark it shortly disappear and we are loosing the touch impact, is there any way that you can suggest us direct multi touch software?  how to write the applications and run it on multi touch tables,i want to prepare applications for hotels and pubs so please suggest us with the technology supporting ccv1.2,ccv1.3?,can you suggest any  camera as a tracking device is it necessary to use IR!

    • Hi Sratej, I would recommend asking your questions on http://nuigroup.com/forums. That’s the best place to ask and great feedback. You can also find many of your questions answered there.

  • Bilalahmad9920

    how play swf file in ccv plz tell me i have pc 

  • Bilalahmad9920

    how to satrt stp 3 first plz
    tel me its urgant

    • You can skip step 3 if you’re using any version newer than CCV 1.2.

  • Nafeescs96

    i have calibrated my multi touch table and i am using ccv 1.4 which softeares are required to me to run a flash demo application and how can i communicate a wpf application with flash..

  • Suhaibkazi7

    i have successfully made touch pad but i’m trying to make touch table so please help me

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