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Community Core Vision (CCV) – Getting Started Guide


Community Core Vision (CCV for short) is the software used to build multitouch surfaces,the MTmini and the MTbiggie.

CCV, is an open-source computer vision framework for multitouch and other emerging interaction types. I co-founded and developed CCV for Google Summer of Code in 2008. It has since been downloaded over 250,000 times and utilized by companies, researchers, and hobbyists around the world. Community Core Vision is currently maintained by the NUI Group community.

System Requirements

  • Hardware:
    • Pentium 4+ (Recommended Core 2 Duo+)
    • 512MB+ RAM (Recommended 1024+)
    • Web Camera (for live interaction)

CCV Download Link

Musical Squares…get it? (0 downloads)

MultiKey – My first application (0 downloads)

[Download not found]

[Download not found]

Installation and Configuration Guide

Calibration Guide

Changing Camera and Video Resolution, Frame Rate, Communication, Video, and Blob Settings

  • coming soon…

Flash Application Setup Guide

attributed source: nuigroup.com
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  • Shri Hari Ps

    how to connect the external web cam to this CCV software

    • The webcam connects to your computer (probably though USB) and then CCV is started it should show the camera image within it.

  • sneha

    the ccv software is not getting installed in my windows 7 32 bit system.. what should I do????

  • Randza Rakotovao

    hi Mr Sandler i’m from france and I have a problem with the installation i can’t install CCV soft in my windws 7.thank you

  • Randza Rakotovao
  • Nicolas Dittmann

    I got the same problem as Randza.I installed it and there is a error.(The programm cannot start, because MSVCP71.dll missses.

  • suhaibkazi

    Listen sir I’m a great fan of urs .my question is that can ur multi touch software track light blobs if yes plz reply. if no then give me a software which can track light blobs and plz see this video and help me
    How to make an acrylic designer touch pad for 15 bucks. sir plz help me by replying in mailnn1

  • ezgi


    First of all, thanks for such a great software! I have two questions actually, and I’ll really appreciate it if you can help me. I will be writing a gesture recognition library for my table, so how can I extract the images that I see in CCV 1.5? Another question is that I am using four cameras, but they overlap and some should be flipped horizontally, etc. Is there a way that we can do this in CCV interface? Thanks a lot.

    • Hi, I recommend going to http://nuigroup.com/forums. There’s a newer version (I think) of CCV that does multiple cameras. You shouldn’t need to extract the images to do gestures, just use the x/y coordinate information sent from CCV. Try going to the forum to get more information.

    • ezgi

      thank you 🙂

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  • Piyush Kumar

    Hi seth I am done all work in 4 months but my projector light reflect on acrylic and ps3 camera detect as blob and give it a ID tell me another software ware for mouse driver tuio mouse is not perfectly works my touch is not work well tell me please how it work

  • jack001214

    Hey Sethsandler I got everything to work(https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=994NsFilItc).Now on my new Laptop and I get Cant start something like that

  • Ernolius

    Hi there – I am wondering if it is possible using CCV to tag and “remember” and follow particular shapes (people) moving around a room? Basically i need to track individuals and their proximity to one another, but it’s important i remember each person for my input/output data

  • cris

    can we use visual studio to make this project?

    • You should be able to find some source for visual studio http://nuicode.com. Although, I’m not sure if the latest version works is updated for Windows.

  • m

    How can i make CCV track only fingers without tracking objects ?

    • What are you using as objects? If they’re not fiducials, then you can’t really separate the two. Can you be more specific what objects you’re trying to not track?

  • alex

    I’ve got two macbooks, one with 10.9 another with 10.7 and both of them just dont run any of this CCV.. why?:(

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