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All the demos below are written in AS3 (actionscript 3).

What you need:

In order to use these programs you need a program that sends out OSC messages in TUIO format. There are a few options in programs that send out OSC TUIO messages:

To run a program below:

  • Follow the flash setup guide here

If you’re getting a black screen, use flash player 9 instead of flash player 10 here: http://kb2.adobe.com/cps/142/tn_14266.html

Bloom – Multitouch Music Application


Source Code:  [Download not found]

Binary Application: [Download not found]


See my original post at: Bloom Application

Click the image to try it!

NodeBeat – Music Sequencer


http://NodeBeat.com (desktop, iphone, ipad, ipod touch)


NodeBeat is an experimental node-based audio sequencer and generative music application for the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.

By combining music and exploration, NodeBeat allows anyone to create a variety of rhythmic sequences and ambient melodies in a fun and intuitive fashion.


[vimeo 22681027]

Fluid Solver


[Download not found]


Eugene has just ported Memo’s fluid solver work to AS3 http://blog.inspirit.ru/?p=248. With the source now out, I was able to quickly add multitouch support and it works great!

See my original post at: Fluid Solver Application


Multitouch Gesture Demo


[Download not found]


See my original post at: Gesture Application

Wall Pong – Multiplayer Pong Game


FTIR or DI, my final multitouch decision… (0 downloads)

FTIR and DI. How they work and what they mean for multitouch. (0 downloads)


Wall Pong is an interactive multi-player multitouch pong type game I wrote in AS3 a couple years ago. The aim is to get the ball into the opposing goal. You can see Wong within my Audiotouch OS software.

See my original post at: Wong Application


[youtube wYucu11ntOk nolink]

Flocking DEMO


[Download not found]


I recently came across a great and clean example of some boids code by soulwire (make sure to check out his whole site; it’s great). Since we’ve seen various examples of this behavior on multitouch tables (like on the iBar), I decided to add some basic touch support to soulwire’s example. So, now we have it…multitouchable boids!

See my original post at: Flocking Demo


Audioshape Sequencer v1


[Download not found]


Audioshape Sequencer is modeled after Tangible Sequencer and originally inspired by Nicolas Clavaud.

This application works with a mouse and/or multitouch table (touchlib/tuio simulator or other TUIO program).

There are three main things to know about the program.

  1. There is the shape (square),
  2. signal (transparent orange shape),
  3. and sensor (Blue dot on square. Pink when activated).

How To Use:

  • When a signal comes in contact with a sensor on another shape (square), it creates a “connection.”
  • Move around the squares (by dragging or clicking/pressing) to create different connections. Same colored squares have the same sounds.
  • Double click a square to play itself and it’s connected shapes.
  • To rotate using the mouse, click and hold a square while using the “up/down” arrows on the keyboard. To rotate on a touch table, use two fingers.
  • To make the signal bigger or smaller, click/press and drag the signal (orange shape).

Currently you can switch between two instrument groups (percussion and piano). The bpm slider controls the speed of playback.

Here’s a video of an older version:


Future Updates may include:

  • More sounds library/multiple instruments at once on stage
  • Add/remove more shapes
  • Shape for rests so you can insert “rests” into the music
  • More shapes that perform different functions or have different signals
  • Sync On/Off toggle
  • Quantization
  • Volume Control

*Note: I’m only including the swf. Make sure to set the security settings

MultiKey v2


Initial Project Proposal (0 downloads)


MultiKey is a simple multi-user, multi-touch music application. In the standard version, there are two music keyboards. One is a full octave, while the other is two full octaves. Have fun!

How To Use:

  • Play on the keys to create the musical sounds.
  • By pressing on the white border, the individual keyboard will switch into move/rotate/scale mode and can be rotated and resized to your liking. Press on the white border again, and move/rotate/scale will be turned off.
  • Click on the white tab on top of keyboard to open/close the control center.
  • There are 4 sound libraries you can switch between (piano synth, violin, overdrive guitar, and percussion).
  • If you would like a different set of keyboard sounds. Replace the mp3 files with your own. Rename them to the same as in the folder. A1 = A natual, As1 = A sharp etc.
  • Controls will change volume, attack time, release decay time, and instrument.

Future Updates may include:

  • Ability to add (drag out) multiple keyboards. Idea: use a gesture that is assigned to keyboard creation.
  • Add some kind of dynamic movement in background when key is pressed since keys are transparent.

*Note: I’m including a .swf, .exe (for windows), and .app (for mac). Make sure to set the security settings.

Musical Squares v 1.1


[Download not found]


Well, Musical Squares isn’t anything like Musical Chairs, but it’s fun nonetheless. Who wouldn’t like throwing around objects that emit tones (sounds) when they hit each other?

Based off another existing (single touch) online program called “Pianolina,” Musical Squares is a multi-user, multi-touch application where users can compose pieces by throwing blocks around. Current functionality is limited, and much more development is planned.


How To Use:

  • Throw the square around. When they hit a wall or each other, they play a tone.
  • Resize the square is also possible by using two fingers on the square.

Future Updates may include:

  • Fix small glitches in current hit detection/physics.
  • Adding/deleting squares and more control of squares on stage.
  • Better physics (ie. Adding mass to squares.)
  • Adding ability to change the physics with sliders or gestures.
  • Changing musical tones.
  • Throwing squares on the Z axis as well as X and Y.

*Note: I’m including both the exe and swf. If you use the swf, make sure to set the security settings.

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  • Guest

    It wont let me open the zips, any help?

    • Anonymous

      I’m currently looking into the problem. Try downloading another couple times to see if it’ll work.

    • Anonymous

      I’ve replaced all the links. Can you try again and let me know if they’re working now. Thanks!

  • Priyankshastri

    hi seth sandler
    can u put up some new applications…looking forward,
    thanks n regards:)

  • Amanda

    HI Seth
    I am complete newbie to the multi touch arena but I am researching for a project I would like to make for my final Creative project in my batchelor of Audio Degree.
    my idea is pretty simple but i have no idea where to start out.
    I want to create a touch panel – it doesnt have to be fancy – that comprises of three options that are linked to abelton channel strips which will be self generating sound.
    I would greatly appreciate your advice and direction on how to get started.

  • Harith

    Hi Seth
    first of all thank you very much for the source for bloom.  I have slight problem.

    I’ve edit the code in main.as to add few buttons. It works when I ‘test Movie’. When I export the bloom_c4.fla to swf, the display is only black screen. Did I do something wrong? what I need to do to get the correct swf file?

    •  Try settings the actionscript target to Flash Player 9 not 10.

    • Harith

      I still dont have any display after i changed the ‘Player: Flash Player 9’  and ‘script:  ActionScript 3.0’ in the  publish setting .  Any other method i should try?

    •  Does it have an error? If you’re just running the swf, make sure you’ve set the flash global security settings on the tutorial here: http://sethsandler.com/multitouch/community-core-vision-flash-setup/

    • Harith

      Yes, that solve my problem. thank you very much, Seth.

      This is my first time to try out actionScript, and all the documentation in your source code really help a lot.  I’ve tried to work with OF and tuio for  weeks, but no luck. With your code and help, I’m able to get something working because i dont have to worry about the connection. Thank you again.

    •  That’s great to hear Harith. I’m glad it’s working now. AS3 is definitely easier than c++ if you’re just starting and there’s more people on nuigroup that can help in regards to as3 than c++.

  • Willydjm

    how can i get that i guess.. OS that you have on oyur multi touch table that has all of the below programs in one?

  • Jnsardinha

    Hi Seth… i´m a newbie in multitouch stuff and i´m trying to learn checking tutorials and code samples… i just love your nodebeat app and interface, but when i try to export the .fla file it gives me some errors (as shown in the attachment). Can you give an help?… i´m triyng to understand the concept of the code… oh! the code is just like i dowloaded it… ThankS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Hi, these look strange since there shouldn’t be any components in the library. Try downloading the source code again and compiling. What version of Flash are you running?

  • Hi, I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong here. I opened a Flash demo (none of these) in the projector and started CCV and enabled Flash XML, what happens now? The swf isn’t responding. I’m trying this out on my computer and don’t have a table set up but I’m trying to test it with a mouse at least or my multi-touch touchpad. I tried running FLOSC but clicking on any jar file opens a console with some errors before it closes. It does that with TUIO Mouse 1.4, and TUIO Simulator. I have the OSC connector but I have no idea what to do with it (the swc file). I downloaded the TUIO AS3 library and don’t have any idea what to do with that either. I’m using Flash Player 10 and haven’t tried 9 yet because I feel like I’m missing something simple. Also, you gave 3 links for mouse drivers, which one should I use?

    • Have you tried the tutorial here? http://sethsandler.com/multitouch/community-core-vision-flash-setup/

      You can’t run one of the mouse drivers at the same time as the flash applications because they’ll interfere with eachother. I’d suggest trying all 3 mouse drivers and seeing which one you like best. They each are slightly different.

      In the tutorial above, make sure you’re doing the ‘global security’ settings part. CCV won’t connect without that.

    • Yep that’s what I was following. I already set the global settings. I’m using TUIOmouse currently from NUIgroup cause it’s the only one that isn’t Java, I’m still having problems opening .jar files, a console pops up with an error for half a second and exits. I started TUIOmouse and enabled trackpad mode then CCV and then opened an application. I’m using the sample video with CCV and got nothing in the flash app. I don’t need FLOSC or the OSC connector do I? And what do I do with the AS3 library

    • It sounds like the problem is your running the mouse driver and flash application at the same time. You can’t do that – it’s either one or the other. The flash application recieve their touch input from CCV and therefore, you don’t need to run a mouse driver to interact. So, if you want to use a flash app, don’t start a mouse driver. The mouse driver is only if you want to interact with programs that don’t have multitouch build in like Adobe Photoshop or the OS itself.

    • I opened CCV with the sample video and then an application. Nothing happened. Some apps have a black screen, should I downgrade to Flash 9? How exactly does the app receive the data?

    • Yeah, it’s a flash player 10 issue if you’re getting a black screen. You need the Flash Player 9 Standalone Player which is in the tutorial link at the bottom.

    • As far as I can tell, there aren’t any archived versions of a Flash 9 standalone player, on http://kb2.adobe.com/cps/142/tn_14266.html or http://www.adobe.com/support/flashplayer/downloads.html

    • On the first link, scroll down to the “Older Archives” and you can see some Flash Player 9 downloads. When I get a chance, i’d like to update things to Flash Player 10, but it’s a bit time consuming.

    • Gotcha it was inside the zip. It still doesn’t respond to input from CCV, but I can interact with my mouse. The readme says to add the apps to the tbeta demo folder but I have the latest CCV which doesn’t have a demo folder.

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  • Nick

    how can i play these game because i have juste files, and not an .exe file…. i really don’t understand, can you help me please?

    • You need flash player. They can be used with Flash Player 9 here: http://nuigc.com/?go=http://kb2.adobe.com/cps/142/tn_14266.html

  • Beelsalsa

    beautifullllest site i have evr seen 😀

  • hallo,
    i want to disply pictures or images, is it suitable or i need anthor one????

  • Erik Sillén

    This is the most awesome shit i’ve seen in quite a while!!!!

  • Karthavanaidu

    hi seth
     how to connect ccv to kinect 
    plz give ste step by process

    • Figure it out

      how to connect ccv to kinect ” is not a sentence. Try searching on the NUIGroup forums for questions like this that have already been asked. 

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  • Carlos

    Hi Seth, First let me congrat for ur exelent job 🙂 and two I would to know how can i make a as3 aplications with ccv that wasn’t cleare,  I mean what event are handler because MouseEvent Isn’t, exist any lib? for handler that TouchEvents??