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8,000 hits, 1000 Downloads and new AudioTouch Multitouch OS!

In such a short amount of time I’ve hit 1000 downloads! Well, actually it’s 1062 to be exact. Thanks everyone who has been testing and downloading the applications. Feel free to let me know how everything is running. I’d love to hear more feedback.

On another note, the table is about ready for display! It features 4 access points that allow people to load a menu where they can select applications to load. Many applications can be loaded and at the same time. Pressing on the desktop creates wind and glitch type sounds. There’s currently 4 other applications that can be loaded which include: Musical Wong (to be released soon), Musical Squares, Audioshape Sequencer, and MultiKey (half and whole keyboard).

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  • Tim

    Hey, any chance you’ll be releasing an AudioTouch OS CD/image?

  • Sebas

    Hi, where can I donwload the AudioTouch OS?


  • cerupcat

    As of right now, the AudioTouch OS is not available. The applications within are available on the downloads page.

  • Hi,

    Came across this while scouring the net for a way to build a home JukeBox on a Linux machine. Instead of being mouse controlled, I would like it to have a touch screen to pick songs appearing on the screen.

    I’ll start by building the MTmini and see how I go from there, but this sounds like an awesome project. Well done, keep up the good work!


  • UIGeek

    Will you ever make the the AudioTouch OS available?

    Thank you,


  • What do the apps run on without the OS?

    • They are all written in flash. So they run in flashplayer or in your browser. You can download them on the downloads page this website. 🙂

  • Hugodecasta

    when do AUDIOTOUCH OS is going to be AVAIlable ?

  • rodolfo

    Donde puedo conseguir esta aplicación? yo hablo Español