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My Finished DIY Multitouch Table

Well, I haven’t been able to post everything leading up to this point yet, but I wanted to get the finished images up. I’ll be writing about the process up to this point soon so that there are no gaps in the “how to” of building my table.

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  • cerupcat

    Thanks Jerome 🙂

    I recommend going to nuigroup.com if you’d like to find information on cameras/mirrors/placement/etc. It’s a great resource.

    In my setup, I put the mirror on the bottom pointing straight up. The mirror is more towards the front of the table at about a 20 degree angle.

    I hope that helps.

  • Nosferatu

    can u help me !!?? i need a school project and i don’t know yet what it’s going to be ! this table looks very good ! can u send me some pictures and some pointers about it !!please this tablet will help me skip 2 grades in school if i get it done ! pls

  • Fan xD

    Hey!!! congratulations for the great idea, i wanna try this at my home… could you publish a “how to”?

    I would appreciate it


  • Kam

    cerupcat, I can not find the plans for the multitouch surface table on the nuigroup.com site, Please could you place the a link to the location, thx

  • Hi Kam,

    The whole nuigroup.com forum is dedicated to building the table. You just have to look around a bit. Try the beginners section to start.

  • Hey guys! It`s amazing idea. Can i guess how much this table cost? I think i will buy a 1 pcs for my agency collection and self art expiriences (>_<)

  • Bob

    Cool can you make a vidio on this

  • Normix

    o hi there i would like to ask abot that MT table.

    i like that table and i want it build, but not that big
    well where can find a video tutorials to build such that table?

  • zaher

    you are great
    أنت ذكي جدا

  • Elton

    Can you pls tell me the procedure of making the touch panel?
    I’m working on my UG project. Also, bout your touch surface, does it do with just a camera and a box? what else is required. please email me uegently

  • bhanu

    Hi Its very good job!
    But can you tell me how much it cost? and from where its parts can be purchased?
    I really want to make this type of table for my work and please send me all the answers with detail
    that I acquired as soon as possible.
    Thank you and keep it up.

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  • Shaggy

    This thing is awesome and im gonna try this at my home!!!!
    BTW can u tell me which projector is better for this…

    • Any short-throw projector will be good. I use a Casio XJ-S30, but anything that doesn’t need a big distance will be good. 🙂