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Initial Multitouch Aesthetic Plans

My aim is to create a clean and simple table design. I don’t want the table aesthetics to outweigh or detract from the musical interface and interaction. I did a quick sketch of my initial Aesthetic thoughts using Google SketchUp. I will include pictures of the actual progress and SketchUp files once the building process begins. The following design is not set in stone, but will be the basis as I start the building.




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  • cerupcat

    Hi Ryan,

    I’m not sure which package you’re referring to. If you’re talking about the smoke demo and mouse driver, those don’t work with tbeta. On the tbeta website you can find more demos under Flash Clients on the Downloads Tab and on nuigroup.com/forum if you search TUIO Mouse you can find a mousedriver for tbeta (eventually the mouse driver will also be on the tbeta website).

    If you’re talking about the flash demos. Make sure you read the getting started guide on the tbeta site (you have to set the global security settings to get the flash applications running correctly).

  • gabriele

    hello I wanted to know how to attach the projector and the camera to “table”. I built a wooden base hours I wanted to know how to attack these items
    Furthermore, I wanted to know where I place the camera thanks

  • gabriele

    hello I wanted to know if I could give this book to build this gem! XD

  • DjAlanB

    have you seen this?.. i presume its projected onto the glass, but
    i also think the glass has a multi touch surface and not tracked by a cam


    star trek has arrived!!


  • DjAlanB

    im actually thinking of a horizontal version of what you’re doing

    maybe use my unsed chimney breast and a glass with a thin reflective backing insead of paper (if possible)putting the box (projector etc) inside the converted chimney breast and have my telly going through a pc base unit…. so when the pc isnt on… its a normal mirror on the chimney breast…. when the pc is on.. its a touch screen surface you can access the internet, watch tv… play music on etc


  • DjAlanB, I have seen it. It does use a camera and LLP technique (laser light plane). Therefore, it’s like the majority of large screens you see. Many people have done it using glass just like that.

  • Freejan

    hello ,Thanks to tell me what is projection material? Is it paper ,It can be project image on it?

    • You can use paper. It will work ok. You can find a list of other projection materials here: http://peauproductions.com/diffusers.html