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Pictures from L.I.V.E

Pictures from when my table was on display for a few days. I have larger pictures if you want specific ones. This post has a lot of pictures, so if they don’t all load, you may need to refresh this page.

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  • Hey Seth,
    The pictures look great and its good to see an update! Hope all is well and the table is progressing nicely…

  • josheat

    Why dont you guys have a look at this instead of a $1000 projector, you could use this in a probably medium size box for under $100.

    “Although it’s smaller than a pack of cigarettes, Ostar — the latest high-performance light-emitting diode from Osram — is 50 times brighter than comparable predecessor models. Because of its small size (3 cm x 1 cm) and high brightness of 120 lumens (lm), the new LED is ideally suited for use in mini projectors. The LED itself takes up only a fraction of the device’s surface area, generating an extremely bright and uniform light for its size. As a result, the Ostar could play a decisive role in the future development of projectors, ranging from applications for digital cameras and PCs to pocket-sized mini projectors.”


  • Subzero

    What OS are u using?

  • cerupcat

    @ Subzero: I’m running Windows XP.

  • Subzero

    mmm, so…are you using a swf or projector/swf as the container? I mean the background app.

  • cerupcat

    It’s a swf in fullscreen. So the OS really doesn’t matter.