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Introducing AS3 Multitouch Gesture Demo Application/Utility

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  • Vniversum

    Shoul this work on an Eclipse plugin? I want to create new gestures

    • It should work on whatever can compile AS3 code. Flash, flash builder, command line, flex, etc.

  • Daao87

    Great job!! I’m struggling to find out the part on the code source where you allow for multiple simultaneous gestures. Can you explain that part a bit please? Or tell us where in the code it is written? Thanks a lot! And congrats! (Y)

    • Hi, the code is in TouchGesture.as.

      If you look at the handleMouseDown() event for example. It checks if it’s a touchEvent instead of a mouseEvent, and if it is then it mames a new array that it keeps in a disctionary object based on the touch ID. So each touch has it’s own ID with it’s own tracking of a geature. So you can do 2 gestures at once.

    • Daao87

      Thanks a lot!! It’s much more clear now! =)