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Super Cool Multitouch Actionscript Fluid Solver

Eugene has just ported Memo’s fluid solver work to AS3 http://blog.inspirit.ru/?p=248. With the source now out, I was able to quickly add multitouch support and it works great! Thanks to cyandesign and simpleex for keeping me on my toes.

Click the above image to play

A couple notes, the touchlib AS3 classes had to be corrected since they currently don’t send dX and dY values which the fluid solver needs to calculate directional velocity. Other than that, things went fairly smoothly and took little time to make touch sensitive.


[Download not found]
Both source code and application are included. The swf is inside the bin folder.

If you try this out, leave a comment here and let me know how things go. Video responses are welcome also!

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  • hand

    great!very cool

  • milton ortiz

    this is kind of old but i need to compile the source but i get tuio error, could you help me? wich tuio lib did you used?

    • I believe this will only work right now with Flash Player 9. You can get that here: http://helpx.adobe.com/flash-player/kb/archived-flash-player-versions.html

    • milton ortix

      hi seth, my trouble mainly is a variable, two really, dX and dY used in “onMove” function, i am trying to make it work with tuioAS3 and looks like this library don’t have it declare, where are those variables originated? thanks for your help

  • darkonedelkovski

    Any updates for working with Flash Player 11 ?

    • Unfortunately, not – I wish there was time to update it.