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Video featuring more multitouch software…

Here’s another video of more software running on the table. This includes “smoke”, “ripples”, “artgen”, “photo”” and my own applications “multiKey” and “MusicalSquares.”



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  • Cragmonkey

    What tools are you using to develop your apps? VVVV, processing, adobe?

  • cerupcat

    Hi Cragmonkey,

    I’m currently developing in actionscript 3 with Flash and Flex Builder 3. That may change down the road; I may use PureData for audio and flash for the visual.

    The applications shown in the video are all opensource. The ones I’ve written in the demo are the last ones (multiKey and musicalSquares). You can find those on the software section of this blog. The first one “Smoke” was writtin in C++ and the rest were all written in flash/flex/as3 by members of nuigroup.com.