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11 Ways to Quit Your Way to the Top

Have you ever been told quitters never win? Here’s 11 ways to quit your way to the top.

Quitters can win and do all the time. You just need to choose what to quit and what to pursue.

  1. Quit complaining!
  2. Quit blaming the past for your present!
  3. Quit making excuses!
  4. Quit procrastinating!
  5. Quit blaming others if things don’t turn out right!
  6. Quit being close-minded!
  7. Quit doubting yourself!
  8. Quit being afraid!
  9. Quit saying “If only”!
  10. Quit basing your life on what other people say or think!
  11. Quit refusing to get up after a fall!

-Pete Zafra

Strategic quitting is the secret to succeeding. Never quit on the basic essentials for success, and fail fast at those that don’t lead you there – whatever they may be for you.

Read more about quitting your way to the top through Seth Godin’s book ‘The Dip‘.

Questions: Do you have an example where quitting was beneficial? What was it? You can leave a comment by clicking here.

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