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With a great blog comes great responsibility!

That headline sounds really odd, doesn’t it?

With that said, with the new website and blog, Ive realized it takes a decent amount of work to start fresh. Redirecting my old blog, ensuring all permalinks and trackbacks stay in place can be a real nightmare. Luckily wordpress makes things fairly simple.

After 30 plugins and a lot of research, I’m close to being satisfied with the new resulting website you’re now seein; still a few things I want to add and simplfy on the design.

If you’re wondering what the greeting message is that pops up at the heading of each entry, that’s WP Greet Box. Greet box gives a personal touch and greeting to each new user that comes across a wordpress site based upon the referring site. Let me know if you like this type of things or not.

Spiderman HeadlineA few other plugins that I think are really great include:

There’s plenty more and you can feel free to ask if you’re curious what else I’m using; there’s really too many to list.

The biggest help so far has really been the SEO WordPress giant Yoast. Following his guide, I’m really hoping to have some really optimized SEO and therefore rank higher than ever on google and page rank. Optimizing your site for SEO I’ve found is a real artform and I’m hoping little by little I’m learing about the art of SEO.

Have no fear, once I get all these wbesites issues worked out, i’ll be back to writing ‘actual content’. 😛

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