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Diffused Surface Illumination

DSI is similar to FTIR in that infrared light is placed at the edges of an acrylic panel directed towards the inside. A special acrylic with small particles inside, acting like thousands of small mirrors, is used to evenly distribute the infrared light. When a finger or object touches the diffuser, it lights up from the infrared light escaping from within and is seen by a camera below the surface. The effect is similar to diffused illumination. An image is displayed by using a projector connected to a computer pointed towards the projection material.


Parts List

  • EndLighten Acrylic
  • Infrared Light Source (LEDs or similar)
  • Projection Material (Rosco Grey, Vellum, Mylar, Paper, other, etc.) – For displaying an image and scattering light.
  • Infrared Camera/Modified Webcam

Camera Image Examples



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