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Below consists of a handful of the most notable articles, press and recognition of my work. This includes MTmini, MTbiggie, Audiotouch, Community Core Vision, and NodeBeat.

MTBiggie Recognition

Audiotouch Recognition

Community Core Vision (CCV)

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Multitouch – How To

How To Make a Multitouch Surface

There are several ways to make a multitouch surface. There are capacitive, resistive, acoustic, and other non-traditional techniques. Our focus will be on optical techniques since they are the easiest and most cost effective for the average person to create. The most popular optical techniques are:

  • Frustrated Total Internal Reflection (ie. Perceptive Pixels)
  • Rear Diffused Illumination (ie. Microsoft Surface)
  • Front Diffused Illumination (ie. MTmini, MTbiggie)
  • Diffused Surface Illumination
  • Laser Light Plane
  • LED Light Plane

Optical Multitouch Techniques

Each technique utilizes 3 main components:

  1. Infrared Camera (or other optical sensor)
  2. Infrared light
  3. Visual Feedback (projector or LCD)

setup An infrared camera is pointed at the touch surface and detects when fingers/objects touch the surface.

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Bloom – Multitouch Music Application

Well, it’s about time I released another application right? If anyone has ever played Bloom on the iPhone, I’m sure you’ll recognize my port from iphone to table.

If you’re not familiar with bloom, it’s a very simple music creation application. Press anywhere on the screen to create circles that grow and ‘bloom.’ As they fade out and re-appear, they play a note. The note is based on the x-axis. As you move right, the notes go higher.

Click the above image to play

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Mac anyone? New multitouch tracker on it’s way!

Well, I haven’t posted in a while, but that doesn’t mean I’ve stopped development. Actually, I’ve done the opposite and have been developing with a release date coming soon (hopefully).

I applied for GSoC a couple months ago and my project was chosen and I am have been a student under Natural User Interface Group (NUIGroup) ever since. For my project, I’ve been working on a multitouch framework/lux.

For the last few weeks (with the help of my mentor Christian Moore) I’ve been working on porting over touchlib (the main tracker of the NUIGroup community) to openframeworks. A few reasons we chose to use openframeworks is because it’s (1) Cross-platform (it’ll work on windows/mac/linux), (2) It’s easy to

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AudioTouch is an interactive multi-touch interface for computer music exploration and collaboration. The interface features audio based applications that make use of multiple users and simultaneous touch inputs on a single multi-touch screen. A natural user interface where users can interact through gestures and movements, while directly manipulating musical objects, is a key aspect of the design; the goal is to be able to interact with the technology (specifically music based) in a natural way. Users can load, exit, and move musical applications using gestures as well as have a multiple applications operate within the same work environment. The design is built into a table that hides all the hardware necessary for tracking multiple inputs as well as displaying visual

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About Me

seth_bioHi, I’m Seth!

I think too much; therefore, I am too much (if you follow Descartes). Lucky, thinking comes in handy – most of the time.

People tell me I’m most notably known for creating the Multitouch Mini (MTmini), Audiotouch, being co-founder and developer of Community Core Vision  (CCV/tbeta) and former chief community offier of NUIGroup.

As a creative, I think it’s a rule that I’m not allowed to have a standard bio. However, if I did, it’d probably sound something like:

“My name is Seth Sandler and I am a musician, educator, researcher, developer, tinkerer and artist. I have a degree in Interdisciplinary Computing and the Arts with an emphasis in Music from the University of