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Projection Screen tests…

I took some pictures of the projector projecting on 3 different types of materials. I’m using a Casio XJ-S30 Projector which has 2000 lumens and 1800:1 contrast.

The following images consist of Rosco Grey Projection Screen (left), tracing paper (middle), and Rosco Black Projection Screen (right).

Here’s one picture with the lights on with Rosco Black (left), and Rosco Grey (right). In the picture the Rosco Black may look slightly better, but in person the Rosco Grey is the clear winner.

It’s really hard to get an accurate picture of what these projections look like in person. The camera seems to make white areas look washed out when really they are clear and bright. In person, the tracing paper has the best brightness and clarity. The Rosco Grey also has nice brightness and overall clarity, but the tracing paper is slightly better (in person). The Rosco Black seems to dull the colors too much. Maybe a brighter projector would bring out the best in the Rosco Black, but with my tests it’s just not an option for use.

The winner in viewing tests:

  1. Tracing Paper
  2. Rosco Grey
  3. Rosco Black


The tracing paper only has a slight advantage and since Rosco projection screens have the bonus of blocking outside infrared light, the Rosco Grey is the best option and therefore Rosco Grey will be what I’m using (for now at least).

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