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The Cured Silicone

After waiting about 20 hours and letting the silicone rubber cure overnight, I went ahead and “unmasked” the silicone to see how it cured. From the look of it, it cured quite nicely. It isn’t completely even as far as the whole thing being completely smooth and 1mm thick, but this really shouldn’t affect it’s performance. After further inspection, I found that there were no bubbles in the silicone! Bubbles are one of the main concerns when pouring silicone yourself. I think my success had to do with mixing the A and B parts for a good amount of time (12 minutes).

As you can see, for the most part it is pretty smooth. The parts on the right side look worse than they really are.

Again, it’s not as bad as it may appear. Remember, the whole thing is only 1mm thick, so those slight raises are only 1/2mm and can’t be seen when when looking straight on.

Now off to test the silicone! Check back for results.

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