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Flash + Reactivision = Slider: A Dynamic Multiplayer Game

Before I started with multitouch, I was experimenting with interactive virtual gaming. As a result, for one of my final class projects at UCSD, I created a dynamic game I call ‘Slider’ which is a 1-3 player virtual hockey type game that adapts to the number of people playing.

This games uses reactivision software, along with Flash, to detect ‘fiducial’ or symbol block movements. The game is played by moving these symbols on a table. Players can enter and exit the playing field at any time. The game adapts to the number of players. The lower the score, the better; the first player with a score of 12 ends the game.

[youtube Fqi5l-LwA5w]

At the time of creation, about 2 years ago, the future plans included projecting directly on the surface and implementing multitouch so users can play with their fingers and objects instead of only object symbols. Hopefully i’ll be able to eventually revisit this project and release it for all to play with.

If you have other ideas about similar games or how to improve this concept, leave a comment. Don’t forget to send it to your friends and share the magic of multiplayer virtual hockey aka ‘Slider’. So what do you think? Is this the next game of the future? haha You’ll have to challenge me to a round next time you see me 😉

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