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MultiKey – My first application

MultiKey is a simple multi-user, multi-touch music application. In the standard version, there are two music keyboards. One is a full octave, while the other is two full octaves. By pressing on the white border, the individual keyboard will switch into move/rotate/scale mode and can be rotated and resized to your liking. Press on the white border again, and move/rotate/scale will be turned off. Have fun!

MultiKey v1.3

Possible Future Changes/Additions/Bug Fixes:

-Ability to change to different sound library
-Ability to add (drag out) multiple keyboards. Idea: use a gesture that is assigned to keyboard creation.
-Add some kind of dynamic movement in background when key is pressed since keys are transparent.
-Fix canvas and create ZUI so pianos don’t fly off of screen range.

How it Works:

1) Start FLOSC,
2) Open Touchlib OSC.exe,
3) Start up the application (exe or swf).

If you would like a different set of keyboard sounds. Replace the mp3 files with your own. Rename them to the same as in the folder. A = A natual, As = A sharp etc.


If you have comments, would like certain features added or would like to add them yourself, please comment below. I will also add them to the “Possible Future Changes/Additions” section. Thanks and have fun playing!

Download Links Here: Source Code MultiKey v1.3

Download Links Here: Binary MultiKey v1.3*

*Note: I’m including both the exe and swf. If you use the swf, make sure to set the security settings so you’re able to connect to FLOSC.

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