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New application: Audioshape Sequencer

Audioshape Sequencer is modeled after Tangible Sequencer and originally inspired by Nicolas Clavaud.This application works with a mouse and/or multitouch table (touchlib/tuio simulator or other TUIO program).

There are three main things to know about the program.

  1. There is the shape (square),
  2. signal (transparent orange shape),
  3. and sensor (Blue dot on square. Pink when activated).

How it works/How to use:

When a signal comes in contact with a sensor on another shape (square), it creates a “connection.” Move around the squares (by dragging or clicking/pressing) to create different connections. Same colored squares have the same sounds. Double click a square to play itself and it’s connected shapes. To rotate using the mouse, click and hold a square while using the “up/down” arrows on the keyboard. To rotate on a touch table, use two fingers. To make the signal bigger or smaller, click/press and drag the signal (orange shape).

Currently you can switch between two instrument groups (percussion and piano). The bpm slider controls the speed of playback.

Here’s a video of an older version:


Please let me know what you think and if you have any suggestions and/or problems. I welcome any feature requests!

Here’s some thoughts on future features:

  • More sounds library/multiple instruments at once on stage
  • Add/remove more shapes
  • Shape for rests so you can insert “rests” into the music
  • More shapes that perform different functions or have different signals
  • Sync On/Off toggle
  • Quantization
  • Volume Control

Currently, I’m only releasing the software. No source yet since there’s a couple things that needs to be fixed first. I am all still working on all my other software so expect updates soon!

[download id=”3892″]

*Note: I’m including only the swf. Make sure to set the security settings so you’re able to connect to FLOSC.

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