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New front page with portfolio!

I’ve been thinking about segmenting my blog from my portfolio and ‘about me‘ for a while. Think no more! I took the time and went through with it.

In an initial trial, I’ve redesigned my front page and SethSandler.com now goes to a creative portfolio and short biography.

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An OpenKinect Story: A made for blog special.

  • “The Open Kinect project – THE OK PRIZE – get $3,000 bounty for Kinect for Xbox 360 open source drivers” – adafruit.com
  • “Kinect Drivers Hacked” – readwriteweb.com
  • “Google’s Matt Cutts Issues New $2000 Kinect Bounty” – pcmag.com
  • “First sign of skeletal data from the kinect…” – @openkinect twitter

If you’ve been following the Microsoft Kinect release over the past week, you’ve probably seen headlines like the above. They’re interesting, energetic, compelling, and generally the same. By Reading through Gizmodo, Engadget or any ‘major’ blogging outlet, you’ll see that progress and results are moving fast and any attempt to regurgitate them and I’d probably put you to sleep (if you’re not already).

The press often glorifies results (what’s been accomplished) over

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Revisiting the Art World

I’ve been going through and trying to collect and organize things on my computer and happened to find some old artwork. I’m hoping to eventually get time to revisit some of the more visual and artistic times I used to have time for.

Here’s a glimpse of some of my past work. I’d love to hear what you think!

These include: pen and ink and pencil drawings, illustrator and photoshop work, logo and magazine design and some other random manipulations.

Check out some of the dates on these; I feel old.

So? What’s your thoughts?

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Super Cool Multitouch Actionscript Fluid Solver

Eugene has just ported Memo’s fluid solver work to AS3 http://blog.inspirit.ru/?p=248. With the source now out, I was able to quickly add multitouch support and it works great! Thanks to cyandesign and simpleex for keeping me on my toes.

Click the above image to play

A couple notes, the touchlib AS3 classes had to be corrected since they currently don’t send dX and dY values which the fluid solver needs to calculate directional velocity. Other than that, things went fairly smoothly and took little time to make touch sensitive.