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Pharmaceutical Mirror and KOL

The mirror and KOL consists of two interactive displays for a leading pharmaceutical company. The mirrors scan a user's height and cater the experience to the user as they explore information about the product. The KOL units sense a user's presence and welcome them to use the display. My role for the project involved software adjustments and height scanning.
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Aéropostale Interactive Mirror

The Aéropostale interactive mirror was developed for Aéropostale's new kids line and placed in their pilot store in New York. The mirror consists of 3 applications that include a maze, drawing board, and mirror.
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Wonka Imaginator

The Wonka Imaginator is an adaptation of Wonkavision for the Wonka.com website. My role involved adapting the Wonkavision Artboard application to be used on the Wonka.com website.
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Wonkavision Interactive Mirror

Wonkavision is an Interactive Mirror used for Wonka Candy's Bamboozled music tour. My role involved programming 3 interactive games (Maze, Photo Hunt, and Artboard) that featured Wonka Candy.