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Multi-touch Hand Scanners

This project involved custom hand scanner and multi-touch displays. Users would enter their information on the display, place their hand and the resulting image scan would display on a large map geotagged with their location. My role involved programming the applications as well as the hand scanning computer vision elements.
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Pharmaceutical Mirror and KOL

The mirror and KOL consists of two interactive displays for a leading pharmaceutical company. The mirrors scan a user's height and cater the experience to the user as they explore information about the product. The KOL units sense a user's presence and welcome them to use the display. My role for the project involved software adjustments and height scanning.
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Community Core Vision (CCV)

Community Core Vision (CCV) is a computer vision framework for multitouch and other emerging interaction types. I co-founded and developed CCV for Google Summer of Code in 2008. It has since been downloaded over 1,000,000 times and utilized by companies, researchers, and hobbyists around the world.