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An OpenKinect Story: A made for blog special.

  • “The Open Kinect project – THE OK PRIZE – get $3,000 bounty for Kinect for Xbox 360 open source drivers” – adafruit.com
  • “Kinect Drivers Hacked” – readwriteweb.com
  • “Google’s Matt Cutts Issues New $2000 Kinect Bounty” – pcmag.com
  • “First sign of skeletal data from the kinect…” – @openkinect twitter

If you’ve been following the Microsoft Kinect release over the past week, you’ve probably seen headlines like the above. They’re interesting, energetic, compelling, and generally the same. By Reading through Gizmodo, Engadget or any ‘major’ blogging outlet, you’ll see that progress and results are moving fast and any attempt to regurgitate them and I’d probably put you to sleep (if you’re not already).

The press often glorifies results (what’s been accomplished) over