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Tunable – Instrument Tuner

Tunable, the most intuitive visual toolkit for musicians.

Tunable is a chromatic tuner, tone/chord generator and metronome that helps you learn to play steadily, in tune, and on beat. Featuring a unique “tuning history” display for visualizing pitch over time, Tunable is the perfect toolkit for professional and beginning musicians.

Learn more at http://TunableApp.com

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  • stevebfx

    Hi Seth,

    Just installed Tunable on my Samsung Galaxy S2 running Gingerbread (2.3) and I can’t get it to do anything. I select TUNER, METRONOME and even RECORD and I can get to all those functions, but I can’t get them to start. Even when I select RECORD and START RECORDING, I’ll get the little message that says ‘recording’… then when I go back after a few seconds it just registers at ZERO seconds. The PLAY icon on the upper right doesn’t seem to do anything. Any suggestions? I know I’m running an older Android OS but I’ve just seen and heard the horror stories over performance and battery life once upgraded.. so I decided to stay at 2.3, where I can go a full day and sometimes two without re-charging. Is it my OS? Any thoughts? Thanks in advance… Steven