A leader leads by example, whether they intend to or not.

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8 Secrets to Success From the Perspective of Will Smith

You may think of Will Smith as an alien-fighting man in black or bad boy from Bel-Air, but after watching this mash-up you may want to think of him as inspirational.


This video mash-up of Will Smith interviews showcase his insights on success and philosophical views for becoming great.

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The Importance of Teaching Music

A few years ago, I came across this great write-up on the importance of music education. I recently re-discovered it buried in my archives and thought I’d post it for others to enjoy.

With music and art programs being cut from schools all over the United States, I think this is a great reminder that music is more than a fun hobby or emotional outlet.

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You're not talented and why it doesn't matter.

I have some great news! It turns out, you’re not talented. Why’s that great? Because, it doesn’t matter.

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I’m almost finished reading Talent is Overrated by Geoff Colvin and it’s helped broaden my perspective regarding talent, success, exceptional achievement, and the myth of talent.

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Would you take one? Moral Dilemma or Easy Choice?

If you saw 3 unopened bottles of ice-cold soda sitting unattended in a public space, would you take one?

I was recently in an situation where 3 small bottles of soda were sitting alone as if to say “take me”. I have a very guilty conscience and if I took one, it probably would of weighed on me for days as I contemplate ‘Did I just take someone’s drink?’, ‘Was I stealing?’, ‘What if I get caught?’. Therefore, I didn’t take one; however, the person I was with did and without a second thought. I neither agree or disagree with the actions; after all, it could easily be argued that if no one takes them, they’re going to waste.


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An OpenKinect Story: A made for blog special.

  • “The Open Kinect project – THE OK PRIZE – get $3,000 bounty for Kinect for Xbox 360 open source drivers” – adafruit.com
  • “Kinect Drivers Hacked” – readwriteweb.com
  • “Google’s Matt Cutts Issues New $2000 Kinect Bounty” – pcmag.com
  • “First sign of skeletal data from the kinect…” – @openkinect twitter

If you’ve been following the Microsoft Kinect release over the past week, you’ve probably seen headlines like the above. They’re interesting, energetic, compelling, and generally the same. By Reading through Gizmodo, Engadget or any ‘major’ blogging outlet, you’ll see that progress and results are moving fast and any attempt to regurgitate them and I’d probably put you to sleep (if you’re not already).

The press often glorifies results (what’s been accomplished) over

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So you want to be a leader?

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Are You a Visionary or an Opportunist?

Some people are visionaries, while others are opportunist. Which one are you? After listening to the Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders Series, I thought I’d open my thoughts on the subject of visionaries and opportunists.

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11 Ways to Quit Your Way to the Top

Have you ever been told quitters never win? Here’s 11 ways to quit your way to the top.

Quitters can win and do all the time. You just need to choose what to quit and what to pursue.