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Would you take one? Moral Dilemma or Easy Choice?

If you saw 3 unopened bottles of ice-cold soda sitting unattended in a public space, would you take one?

I was recently in an situation where 3 small bottles of soda were sitting alone as if to say “take me”. I have a very guilty conscience and if I took one, it probably would of weighed on me for days as I contemplate ‘Did I just take someone’s drink?’, ‘Was I stealing?’, ‘What if I get caught?’. Therefore, I didn’t take one; however, the person I was with did and without a second thought. I neither agree or disagree with the actions; after all, it could easily be argued that if no one takes them, they’re going to waste.

So, what would you have done? I’ve always been interested how a shared situation can result in multiple outcomes. Does it say something about me that I “couldn’t” take one or that no one else in the vicinity took one, while the person I was with did? Is there a right or wrong in such situations and who defines what’s right? Could this have been a social experiment like the one below or just some oddity of forgotten drinks?

There was a recent campaign to see how honest people were in Boston, although that one asked for ‘honest’ payments, while this situation had unattended drinks with no sign of ownership. So, would you take one and what’s your rationale?

[youtube 73XIvaENJY8]

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