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About Me

seth_bioHi, I’m Seth!

I think too much; therefore, I am too much (if you follow Descartes). Lucky, thinking comes in handy – most of the time.

People tell me I’m most notably known for creating the Multitouch Mini (MTmini), Audiotouch, being co-founder and developer of Community Core Vision  (CCV/tbeta) and former chief community offier of NUIGroup.

As a creative, I think it’s a rule that I’m not allowed to have a standard bio. However, if I did, it’d probably sound something like:

“My name is Seth Sandler and I am a musician, educator, researcher, developer, tinkerer and artist. I have a degree in Interdisciplinary Computing and the Arts with an emphasis in Music from the University of California, San Diego. I have a background in both music and art and often focus on how they relate to each other. I also have an interest in education and have taught music and leadership at High Schools throughout the Southern California area. I’m currently pursuing research and development in the area of natural user and  multi-touch interfaces.”

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