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LED Light Plane Multitouch Technique

LED-LP is similar to LLP in that a plane of light is created above the surface. Instead of using lasers like LLP, narrow angle LEDs are used. The LEDs are positioned just above the touch surface in order to create a plane of light. When a finger or object touches the light plane, it is illuminated and seen by a infrared camera below the surface.


Parts List

  • Clear, Flat Surface (Glass, Acrylic, Polycarbonate, Plexiglass, etc.)
  • Infrared LEDs – Placed slightly above the surface on each side to create a plane of light
  • Projection Material (Rosco Grey, Vellum, Mylar, Paper, other, etc.) – For displaying an image when using a projector
  • Infrared Camera/Modified Webcam

Video Examples



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