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Rosco Projection Screen

Rosco Projection screen is an inexpensive projection screen that seems to give pretty good results. There’s a few places online you can buy it. I ended up purchasing it from rosebrand.com. All places sell by the yard and the the minimum size is 55″ by 1 yard. The price is $15 per yard at 55″ width. I ended up buying both the Rosco Black and Rosco Grey to see which would work best with my setup.

The minimum size is quite large and is almost 3 times the amount I need. So really you’re getting a good deal with the cost of this material. It’ll last if you need to do any tests, or are making multiple or very large displays. It cuts easily with scissors as you can see from the picture above of the Rosco Grey cutout.

As far as the feel of the projection material, it is great! Very smooth and very low friction which means dragging objects on screen will be very easy. Friction is one of the most important factors when considering a surface. High friction means that it will be hard to move your finger. Rosco seems to be a great projection material with low friction.

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