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MultiKey Updates…it works with a mouse too!

No, I haven’t forgotten about the other programs that I first started on. I’m still developing Audioshape Sequencer as well as Musical Squares, but recently I have made some big changes/additions to the MuliKey application. I think all of the changes are great improvements and will allows for much more functionality and experimentation within a simple application like MultiKey.

First, if you’ve seen the first versions, you’ll notice that the look has changed slightly. I’ve gotten rid of the background (for now) to allow for best performance. Also the border of the keyboard has changed a bit so that it is easier to resize the keyboard. Previously the border width made it somewhat hard to select the keyboard for moving, rotating and scaling. I think the little circle ends will help with selection.

You’ll also notice a tab on top of the keyboard that didn’t used to be there. This tab is a control unit. Click on the tab and controls will pop out. On previous versions, when a key was pressed the note would play until it hit the end of the sound file. Now, when a note is pressed, the note will end when the key is released. With the control center, you can control how notes start (Attack time), how they are released (Release time) , and their sustain amplitude (Volume). It is similar to an ASR or ADSR without the Decay (for those that are familiar with audio envelopes). There is also a control for switching between a few different sound libraries (synth keyboard, violin, overdrive guitar, and percussion) .

Also, now you can move, scale, and rotate the canvas (black space).

For those that don’t have a multitouch table, this application, for the most part, will now work with a mouse! It’s single “touch” this way, but you can get a general idea of how everything works, although it will be much more natural with multitouch interaction.

I feel these are some really great improvements, but I welcome any suggestions or ideas you may have. Feel free to throw out any ideas in the comment box and comment how you feel about the application.


Quick demo video using a mouse and the Multitouch TUIO Simulator. This is just a quick look at the different sounds you can get by changing around the new controls.


[download id=”3894″]

*Note: I’m including a .swf, .exe (for windows), and .app (for mac). Make sure to set the security settings so you’re able to connect to FLOSC if you’re using this with a multitouch table.

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