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Musical Squares update!

Well, I’ve made some additions, some changes and came up with an overall complete version of Musical Squares. Complete does not mean finished though, expect massive updates and much more functionality. This version is good enough to be called “Version 1” I would say.

In this version, I changed the 8 original notes to 5 notes (pentatonic scale) with 3 percussive tones. It sounds…well..interesting. I also added the ability to remove squares by dragging them outside the main stage and adding new squares by pressing on the colored squares on either side.

  • Hopeful Updates:
    • Add all 12 possible notes (maybe 2-3 octaves worth) and more percussion instruments.
    • Add quantization so the music stays in times no matter how you throw the blocks.
    • Add sliders for gravity, friction, bounce, and more.
    • Add presets for cool sounding sound scape startups.
    • Add music library that can be changed.

Download Link here:

[download id=”3896″]

*Note: I’m including both the exe and swf. If you use the swf, make sure to set the security settings so you’re able to connect to FLOSC.

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