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Musical Squares…get it?

Well, Musical Squares isn’t anything like Musical Chairs, but it’s fun nonetheless. Who wouldn’t like throwing around objects that emit tones (sounds) when they hit each other?

I started working on this second music program as an aim to explore other musical possibilities. Right now there’s not too much functionality, and it’s a basic proof-of-concept as there isn’t much practical application for it yet. It’s based off another existing (single touch) online program called “Pianolina” that I hope to improve and build off of. The most recognized aspect between the original application and this one will be the multi-user, multi-touch aspect.

There is still a lot to be done to make things not so chaotic sounding. Currently, you can throw the blocks around and also resize them using two fingers on the block. The nice thing about resizing is that you can create more likelihood that a bigger block will “sound” thus giving more emphasis to certain pitches (just like in most music).

Future Updates may include:

-Fix small glitches in current hit detection/physics.
-Adding/deleting squares and more control of squares on stage.
-Better physics (ie. Adding mass to squares.)
-Adding ability to change the physics with sliders or gestures.
-Changing musical tones.
-Throwing squares on the Z axis as well as X and Y.

I will be uploading a short video soon. In the meantime here is a screen shot. The source is not yet available for the public, but feel free to download the swf and exe file. If you use the swf, make sure to go into your Flash 9 security settings and allow the file to be accessed.

[download id=”3912″]

*Note: I’m including both the exe and swf. If you use the swf, make sure to set the security settings so you’re able to connect to FLOSC.

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