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AudioTouch is an interactive multi-touch interface for computer music exploration and collaboration. The interface features audio based applications that make use of multiple users and simultaneous touch inputs on a single multi-touch screen. A natural user interface where users can interact through gestures and movements, while directly manipulating musical objects, is a key aspect of the design; the goal is to be able to interact with the technology (specifically music based) in a natural way. Users can load, exit, and move musical applications using gestures as well as have a multiple applications operate within the same work environment. The design is built into a table that hides all the hardware necessary for tracking multiple inputs as well as displaying visual feedback on the touch surface.

0 AudioTouch

video of the applications on my multitouch table

audiotouch AudioTouch


Currently, the AudioTouch OS consists of four main musical applications. MultiKey, the first application, is similar to a typical musical keyboard or piano. The application includes two polyphonic musical keyboards, one being a full octave, and the other being two octaves. Users can resize, zoom, and rotate a keyboard by using a two finger gesture.

multikeyv2pi9 AudioTouch

Musical Squares

The second application, MusicalSquares, consists of color coded squares that bounce around within a bounding box. As the squares come in contact with each other, they collide, play a musical note (based on their color), and then bounce off each other in opposite directions. A user can press on a square and make a throwing gesture which causes the square to be thrown in the motioned direction.

squaresxg5 AudioTouch

Audioshape Seuqencer

Audioshape sequencer, is a third applications that allows users to create musical loops. Squares can be moved around and connected. When the play button is pressed on a square it plays through the connected squares in sequence.

sequencerpm3 AudioTouch

Musical Wall Pong

Lastly, Musical Wong, is a multitouch game similar to pong/hockey. When the ball hits the walls, different sounds are played.

wongsz4 AudioTouch

For information about the process of building the table and software, please check out the MTmini , my multitouch progress, and software sections of this site.

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