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Community Core Vision (CCV) – Getting Started Guide


Community Core Vision (CCV for short) is the software used to build multitouch surfaces,the MTmini and the MTbiggie.

CCV, is an open-source computer vision framework for multitouch and other emerging interaction types. I co-founded and developed CCV for Google Summer of Code in 2008. It has since been downloaded over 250,000 times and utilized by companies, researchers, and hobbyists around the world. Community Core Vision is currently maintained by the NUI Group community.

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System Requirements

  • Hardware:
    • Pentium 4+ (Recommended Core 2 Duo+)
    • 512MB+ RAM (Recommended 1024+)
    • Web Camera (for live interaction)

CCV Download Link

CCV Linux 32-bit 1.4CCV Linux 32-bit 1.4
Downloads: 3281
Size: 4.24 MB

CCV Windows 1.4CCV Windows 1.4
Downloads: 21921
Size: 9.96 MB

CCV Linux 64-bit 1.4CCV Linux 64-bit 1.4
Downloads: 2183
Size: 6.24 MB

CCV Mac 1.4CCV Mac 1.4
Downloads: 2705
Size: 3 MB

Installation and Configuration Guide

Calibration Guide

Changing Camera and Video Resolution, Frame Rate, Communication, Video, and Blob Settings

  • coming soon…

Flash Application Setup Guide

attributed source: nuigroup.com
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